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Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) Qualification & Operation (EASA NAA Inspectors Training Course) - February 2020


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Course duration: 3 days     Course date: 24 - 26 February 2020     Course location: Gatwick, UK


This course provides an introduction to the EU requirements governing the qualification of FSTDs and their ongoing operation. The responsibilities of the National Aviation Authority (NAA) with regard to oversight procedures and NAA standardisation are covered, as well as the requirements applicable to the operator for FSTD qualification. The course also covers all aspects of the fixed wing and rotary wing FSTD evaluation process and Compliance Monitoring System audits. All types of FSTD are covered, from the generic Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainer (FNPT) through to the type-specific Full Flight Simulator (FFS).


This course covers all aspects of FSTD operation and regulatory oversight. It is targeted at individuals and organisations that are involved in, or have an interest in FSTD design, manufacture, usage or operation, and oversight.


Key topics include:


  • The structure and content of the EU regulations as they apply to FSTD qualification
  • NAA responsibilities and FSTD operator responsibilities
  • CMS documentation and procedures, the FSTD CMS lifecycle
  • Fixed wing and rotary aircraft FSTDs, the requirements for each type and the levels of qualification, training considerations
  • Initial, recurrent and special evaluations, the evaluation team, the conduct of an evaluation, the objective evaluation process, the subjective evaluation process
  • The structure and content of a QTG, validation tests, FSTD data sources, the Validation Data Roadmap, the Master QTG (MQTG) and MQTG approval.