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Human Factors Application in Aviation - May 2019


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Course duration: 3 days     Course date: 28 - 30  May 2019     Course location: Gatwick, UK


This course provides delegates with an overview of Human Factors and how to manage them. It will explore the basic principles and, in line with ICAO Human performance principles, and delegates will learn how the limitations affect human performance in an operational environment. The course will translate this knowledge into practical applications that can be used within the delegates professional environments to support optimum human performance.


With guidance from UK CAA expert instructors, by the end of the course delegates will demonstrate an understanding of the following:


  • Human Factors limitations and how they affect human performance a day to day environment
  • Develop and explore approaches to the understanding of Human Factors within their organisation
  • Putting into practice the practical assessment and management of Human Performance
  • Overview of Human Factor Principles
  • ICAO Human Performance Principles


This course is suitable for aviation professionals who require an overview of Human Factors and associated requirements.