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Introduction to International Air Law


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Course duration: 1 day    Classroom and   E-Learning     

Course dates:  09 September 2019,   03 March 2020   

Course location: Gatwick, UK


Civil aviation simply couldn't exist without the framework of international and national laws that govern the ways we work. So what are these international agreements, and how do they affect your work everyday? In this course, you'll find out.


The course is a blend of online learning and a one-day classroom course, bringing together everything you learn online and giving you the chance to put it into practice with the support of one of the UK CAA's legal experts.


In the online modules, you will learn about the aspects of international air law that govern civil aviation and keep us all safe. The modules will take you around 20 hours to complete and will give you the perfect grounding in international aviation law.


In the classroom, we'll look further at how these international laws affect different scenarios and situations, the key international conventions and how this affects the work you do every day. The day is practical and includes group work, case studies, scenarios and plenty of time for questions and discussion.

This course is appropriate for anyone working in civil aviation around the world; from NAAs, airlines, aerodromes, maintenance and design organisations.


On completing the course, you will:


  • Identify how aviation law and regulation governs the daily operations of civil aviation
  • Explain the process by which air law is created
  • Describe how regulatory compliance is demonstrated and enforced
  • Describe the regulatory structure and it's history
  • Explain the purpose, role and obligations of an NAA
  • Identify the rights of consumers and the protection afforded to them, operators and service providers in legislation
  • Identify which laws apply in different locations; for example, the harmonisation of international standards and when laws change
  • Reference external sources of information
  • Describe who is responsible and/or liable in any given situation where an air incident accident has occurred.