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Introduction to Safety Management Systems


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Course duration: 30 minutes of self-placed e-learning modules


If you work in aviation, it is likely that you have heard of Safety Management Systems (SMS).  However are you really clear on what a SMS is and what is expected of you?  This course provides delegates with an introductory knowledge of safety management concepts for Safety Management Systems (SMS) to be understood in terms of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices.


This course is suitable for individuals working in the aviation industry who require an introduction to Safety Management Systems to fulfil their role in contributing to safety.


By the end of this online course delegates will demonstrate an understanding of the following:

  • Safety management and how to apply its’ policy and principles into their working environment
  • The value of an organisation having a SMS in place and the possible legal implications of not having one
  • The importance of a positive safety culture
  • The need for meaningful hazard identification and risk assessment to increase safety levels


Key Topics

  • SMS in simple terms
  • Benefits of having an effective SMS and the consequences of not having one
  • Roles in a SMS – from Accountable Manager to front-line staff
  • The meaning of safety and acceptable levels of safety
  • Relationship between the State Safety Programme (SSP) and your organisation’s SMS
  • How SMS is an integrated part of the ways of working
  • Components of a safety culture