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SMS for Managers (Leading on Safety) - October 2019


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Course duration: 1 day     Course date: 16 October 2019     Course location:  Gatwick

(Previously SMS for Senior Managers) 


Senior managers have a vital role to play in an effective safety management. You may not be directly involved with your Safety Management System (SMS) on a day-to-day basis, but without the full support of senior management filtering from the top downwards your organisation will not be able to deliver the value and benefits a SMS can bring. So how can you lead on safety management?


The course has been designed specifically to help senior managers develop the skills and knowledge required for safety leadership and to encourage a positive safety culture.


This is a one-day classroom course led by a UK CAA expert, where you will start to put your safety leadership skills into practice through discussion and group activities, along with face-to-face presentation.

This course is suitable for Accountable Managers and other senior management roles in an aviation organisation.


 On completing the course, you will be able to:


  • The high level overview SMS
  • The value of having an ‘effective’ SMS in place
  • The importance of encouraging a ‘positive safety culture’
  • The legal implications of not having an effective SMS


Key Topics include:


  • Importance of the senior manager’s role in SMS
  • Strategies for getting the most out of SMS
  • Building an effective team to implement and manage SMS
  • Encouraging a positive safety culture
  • Identifying commercial and safety benefits of an effective SMS
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Developing an appropriate safety vision for your organisation
  • Your role in safety meetings
  • Questioning and Challenging risk mitigation actions and  safety performance information
  • Managing change safely using your SMS
  • Facilitating a Just Culture in your organisation to encourage open reporting