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Risk Based Oversight and Surveillance - November 2019


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Course duration: 2 days     Course date: 20 - 21 November 2019     Course location: Gatwick, UK


The core principle of the Risk Based Oversight is that complex organisations, such as e.g. airlines, do not work as separate Operations, Maintenance and Training organisations.  They are complex, integrated organisations, where risks are ultimately held by the Accountable Manager of the airline.  


Benefits of Risk Based Oversight regulatory approach is that it breaks silos between different auditing areas, supports sharing of total risk picture for the whole ‘entity and enables effective regulatory and industry focus on key risks, allowing for a better allocation of resource to directly influence and mitigate those conditions that threaten aviation safety the most.


With more demands being placed on the aviation industry, compliance based oversight may no longer be enough to fully understand the aviation safety threats and risks that exist. The Risk Based Oversight course will give delegates a foundation of the principles of a regulatory risk and performance based oversight system.



This course is suitable for:


  • Regulatory personnel within a National Aviation Authority (NAA) or government department
  • A Safety Manager
  • Accountable Managers
  • Working in a safety role and want to assess the effectiveness of your own, or a contracted organisation's SMS
  • Anyone who requires a generic overview of risk and performance based oversight principles


Key topics include:


  • Complexity triangles
  • Business rules
  • Baseline oversight
  • Audit Cycle
  • Site visits
  • Desktop Audits
  • Internal Review Meetings
  • Accountable Manager Meetings
  • Future Oversight Planning
  • Risk Communication
  • Risk recording
  • Risk Elevation
  • Resource to risk
  • Regulatory Safety Management System