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Risk Monitoring & Safety Performance - January 2019


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Course duration: 2 days     Course date: 21 - 22 January 2019     Course location: Gatwick, UK


This course provides delegates with a context of how risk monitoring and safety performance form a key part of an aviation Safety Management System (SMS). Delegates will gain knowledge and understanding of how to identify hazards and build a suitable knowledge base for risk and safety performance monitoring. Giving guidance on risk modelling and data analysis, developing and presenting Safety Performance Indicators (SPIs), and explain how they form an integral part of an SMS.


This course is suitable for anyone who requires a generic overview of risk monitoring, safety performance and risk classification and modelling in the aviation context.


Key topics include:


  • Risk monitoring and safety performance as part of a Safety Management System and State Safety Programme
  • Understanding and identifying hazards
  • Building a knowledge base for safety risk management
  • Risk assessment methods
  • Risk modelling
  • Introduction to safety performance indicators
  • Safety performance analysis techniques
  • Presenting safety performance indicators