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Effective Problem Solving and Root Cause Identification (Root Cause Analysis) - September 2019


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Course duration: 2 days     Course dates: 3 - 4 September 2019     Course location: Gatwick, UK 


A interactive two day workshop, designed for those who need to manage, undertake or understand how to conduct effective Root Cause Identification and Problem Solving. The course will provide an overview of the regulatory framework and frequently used root cause analysis techniques. Common principles for effective root cause analysis will be highlighted and applied to real world scenarios. The delegates will practice the identification and evaluation of containment, corrective and preventive actions in response to samples of reported occurrences, internal and external findings and their root causes.  The content of the course is closely aligned with the SARG (Safety & Airspace Regulation) ‘Effective Problem Solving and Root Cause Identification’ guidance material which is expected to be published in January 2019.


Key Topics include: 


  • Regulatory requirement and root cause analysis.
  • Competence, roles and responsibilities
  • Application of common principles of root cause analysis to real world examples
  • Determination, implementation and verification of suitable containment, corrective and preventive actions


The workshop will be beneficial to Managers, Nominated Postholders, Quality, Safety and Compliance Monitoring Managers, auditors, and those who need to have the necessary competence to conduct effective root cause identification and appropriate containment, corrective and preventive actions.

The course is suitable for participants from all areas of the aviation industry, but in particular Airworthiness, Aerodromes, Air Navigation Service Providers, Flight Operations and Regulatory organisations.