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Safety Management Systems for Small Organisations


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 Course duration: 30 minutes of self-placed e-learning modules


In recognition of the challenges facing smaller organisations, a 0.5 hour e learning course has been developed to cover the principles of a Safety Management System (SMS).  The e learning modules includes guidance to help you to build and maintain an effective SMS suitable for a small organisation in order to meet EASA requirements.

This course is suitable for those staff involved in the development and management of the SMS such as Safety Managers, Accountable Managers and Quality Management / Compliance Monitoring Managers within small complex and non-complex organisations.  In addition, key managers and post-holders who play an important role in contributing to safety would also benefit.


By the end of the course the delegates will demonstrate an understanding of how safety management is applied in a small organisation


  • The benefits of having an effective SMS and how this can contribute to the organisation’s business
  • Things to consider in building and maintaining a simple safety management system
  • The value of improving the safety culture of your organisation and the establishment of a just culture


Key Topics


  • Principles of a Safety Management System
  • The importance of safety culture
  • SMS in practice


Delegates should also read UK CAP 1059 and SMICG SMS for small organisations in conjunction with the e learning course.  See attached links: and





Delegates should be familiar with the aviation environment.


Further Courses to Consider

  • Just Culture in Aviation Safety